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About Paradise Children Records

Paradise Children Records is the product of two individuals, a guy and a girl, who met in the late 90s. She, a graduate of the Beaux-Arts born in Buenos Aires and he, a Parisian adept to the night scene since Le Palace (second period…).
So Loulou and Pollux meet, the LuLúxpo duo is instinctively formed, and by March 4th 1999 their sound is already electrifying the dance floors, four hands on deck always, with notable EPs such as Lipstick Kiss, Rock Me Love, Inside My Head to name a few. By January 2007 their segment Let’s Dance is hitting radio waves on Couleur 3 (Radio Television Suisse). The show was broadcasted on a weekly basis until 2017.
Let’s Dance, The LuLúxpo Radio Show now airs on Radiomeuh, every last Friday of the month at 9pm and the following Thursday at midnight. Replay on C’Rock Radio station 89.5fm (Vienne – France) every first Saturday of the month at 9pm and the following Thursday at midnight.

Restless and in pursuit of an ideal that would allow them to create and promote their own sound beside their vibrant peers, LuLúxpo establish their independence with the making of Paradise Children Records in 2017.
Freedom comes at no price and LuLúxpo mean to push musical barriers; while the Electro theme is at the core of their fusion all genres are welcomed if the magic of “good vibes” transcends!!
Armed with childhood memories of Carne and Prevert, sentimental allusions to the Annees Folles in tow, one pulling off a perfecto jacket seamlessly while the other rocks in high-heels, it is not overstating to say that this couple offers us, the children of music, a pulsing paradise on earth.

The distribution of all vinyl releases by PCR is managed by Topplers, and digital distribution goes through iMusician in Zurich.